Glenn’s Guide, through 2001, was used by translators and interpreters on all six continents to find more jobs, at higher rates. Its word-of-mouth reputation established it as the system for introducing yourself to agencies. For a time, the 2001 edition was being given away free as a promotional item by a dot com, but they have since gone out of business. I'd like to resuscitate Glenn's Guide in some form, check back at this web site for details.

In the meantime, feel free to email me for a free copy of the 2001 edition.

Here are average comments from other translators who have used Glenn’s Guide:

“definitely helpful! Thanks!” -- Peggy Fallin Wright

“extremely helpful!” -- Glenda Fabre

“Your list was not helpful. IT WAS GREAT!!” -- Maria Salazar

I've weeded out over 300 agencies that aren't good prospects. I also include notes: Do they use oral interpreters nationwide? Do they use translators located overseas? (About half of them do in the U.S., and all the ones in GG International do.) Do they have any specialties; when were they established; are they seeking any particular skills and language pairs?
What Glenn's Guide can do for you:

  1. Locate higher-paying clients.

  2. Reach those specializing in your language or subject.

  3. Your resume on someone's desk reminds them to give you business.

  4. A broad base is essential to carry you through slow seasons.

Interpreters can also land in-state jobs from remote agencies. A large proportion of agencies will use you for clients travelling into your area.

Glenn's Guide includes hints on how to get paid, on what agencies look for in your resume and samples, and on how to conduct an inexpensive mailing.

Remember, the out-of-date 2001 version is all that’s available for now. Check back occasionally at this web site for any changes.

“I read your letter, thought ‘just another advertisement,’ and threw it away. However, something you said in the letter stuck in my mind--if I could get only one job from those agencies it would pay for the cost of the list. I fished it out of the trash and sent it in to you....
[I made enough] that my husband and I were able to take the summer off our regular jobs and go to Lithuania and teach English.”

Carol Regehr (Russian-to-English)
Unsolicited letter

And you never know, you may be as lucky as Gabriel:

“I grew from a $4000 business to a $1.5 million business in 2 1/2 years, starting out using Glenn's Guide.”

Gabriel O'Meara

Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies

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Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies

What it was for

  1. -targeting your favorite subject

  2. -branching out to hundreds of agencies in the United States or overseas

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